SVR Ampoule B - 30Ml

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Vitamin B3 and a trio of Hyaluronic Acids for a plumped skin from 7 days.

This serum, highly concentrated in vitamin B3, soothes and strengthens the skin. The combination of 3 hyaluronic acids lastingly restores skin’s moisture reserves. Tightness and discomfort are immediately reduced. Day after day, the skin becomes plumper and the signs of aging are diminished.

3 hours after application: +50% Hydration

After 7 days: +37% soothed skin +33% plumped skin +28% more elastic skin

More Information

A customized routine in a few drops: apply morning and night before your normal cream or mix directly into your cream. 

Treatment For

Vitamin B3, also called niacinamide, is a leading multi-corrective active ingredient that strengthens and restores the skin barrier. SVR concentrated is at 5% to repair damaged skin. Combined with 3 hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights (medium, high, and very high), vitamin B3 moisturizes intensely, reinforces, and plumps dehydrated skin. 

Additional Description

Its minimalist formula containing only 12 ingredients and no fragrance is specifically designed for sensitive skin.

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