Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream for itch and redness 50 g

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Bepanthen Sensiderm cream helps relieve itch and redness caused by skin irritation and for managing eczema symptoms
Sensiderm cream can be applied as needed on nonwounded skin of babies, children or adults
A gentle skin care product that relieves eczema symptom during flares, repairs skin barrier functions, and helps keep skin hydrated
Free from cortisone, preservatives, and perfumes, Sensiderm skin cream is clinically tested by pediatricians and is suitable for both babies and adults.
Bepanthen Sensiderm helps relieve itch within 30 minutes

Bepanthen Sensiderm is a cream from Bepanthen’s Eczema Family, a line developed to provide relief and protection for sensitive and eczemaprone skin. Its effective cortisonefree formula consists of high quality, healing ingredients. It also contains no preservatives or perfumes ensuring that this cream is gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. Bepanthen Sensiderm cream is intended for the relief of itchiness and redness caused by various skin irritations, including eczema and relieves eczema symptoms during flares. You can pair it with the Sensidaily cream, used during flarefree periods, for optimal results. Gentle but effective, Bepanthen Sensiderm cream repairs the skins barrier function which in turn relieves itchiness and soreness. It also improves the skins hydration, keeping moisture locked in for longer. Regeneration of the skin helps it to heal and diminishes the urge to scratch. It does not contain any cortisone, preservatives, colorants, or perfumes. To achieve desired results apply Bepanthen Sensiderm once, or a few times a day as required, and gently rub it into the skin. Before applying the cream make sure the skin is dry. One application aids itch relief within 30 minutes. Indicated also for use on healthy and nondamaged baby and adult skin – the formulation had been clinically tested by pediatricians. Scientificallyformulated with provitamin B5, nicknamed the skin vitamin, Bepanthen is at the cutting edge of skin care treatment after 75 years.

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Bepanthen sensiderm cream is intended for the relief of itch and redness caused by skin irritation .
Use on nonwounded skin of babies , children and adults . Such skin irritations occur in conidtions like dry skin , atopic dermatitis , eczema , allergic reacations .
Bepanthen sensiderm can be applied as needed

Treatment For

Relieve itch and redness caused by skin irritation and for managing eczema symptoms

ManufacturerBAYER - Alphamed
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